BARDEHLE PAGENBERG kicks off 2024 with Frédéric Portal as a new partner in Paris

Press release dated January 30, 2024

With the arrival of Frédéric Portal as a partner, the Paris office of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG further strengthens its expertise in the fields of chemistry, life sciences, medical devices, energy, polymer materials, composites and alloys, and industrial processes.

Frédéric Portal, an attorney-at-law admitted in Paris, European Patent Attorney, and UPC Representative, joins the Paris office of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG as a partner.

Frédéric Portal brings to BARDEHLE PAGENBERG more than 20 years of professional experience in the protection and defense of intellectual property assets, and a perfect knowledge of the French and European patent ecosystem.

This reinforcement of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG's French team allows the firm to strengthen its offer of integrated services to its national and international clients for the management, enforcement, and defense of their intellectual property assets in Frédéric Portal's areas of expertise.

“At the dawn of a major reconfiguration of the European market for innovation protection and defense services brought about by the Unified Patent Court, having a professional of Frédéric Portal's caliber on our team is a major asset,” says Julien Fréneaux, Managing Partner of the Paris office of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, and continues: “Frédéric Portal's dual scientific and legal skills, honed by 20 years of professional experience in advising innovative companies, ensure efficient solutions to our clients' needs in terms of developing, implementing and defending their IP assets.”

Frédéric Portal, Dipl.-Ing., Dipl. CEIPI
Attorney-at-Law (Avocat) & European Patent Attorney, UPC Representative, Partner Paris Office

Frédéric Portal earned a master’s degree and an Engineer Diploma in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the École Supérieure Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon, France, and has worked as a French and European Patent Attorney for more than two decades before joining the Paris Bar as an Attorney (Avocat).

He has built extensive experience in the patent field, including litigation, partnership agreements, technology transfer, and patent prosecution strategies. He offers in-depth expertise in contentious and non-contentious patent matters, in particular in patent infringement and validity disputes before French courts and the Unified Patent Court. In addition, he is actively involved in opposition proceedings and patent prosecution before the European Patent Office and the French Patent Office (INPI).


For further information on the international team of attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, please visit our team overview.



Frédéric Portal
Attorney-at-Law (Avocat) & European Patent Attorney, UPC Representative, Partner BARDEHLE PAGENBERG SAS SPE

Frédéric Portal