Patent Law

1. End of cross-border patent litigation! ECJ decides Gat vs Luk C-4/03 and Roche vs Primus - C-539/03
Reported by Dr. Rudolf Teschemacher and Dr. Dieter Stauder

2. Commission Hearing on Patent Agenda and User Survey of July 12, 2006
Reported by Dr. Jochen Pagenberg

Trademark Law:

3. ECJ confirms criteria for determining the distinctive character of three-dimensional marks - August Storck KG v. OHIM - C-24/05 P and C-25/05 P
Reported by Dr. Alexander v. Mühlendahl, J.D., LL.M.

4. ECJ decides on the relevant point in time for determining whether the use of a sign in the course of trade constitutes trademark infringement - Levi Strauss & Co. v. Casucci SpA - C-145/05
Reported by Dr. Alexander v. Mühlendahl, J.D., LL.M.

5. Federal Supreme Court decides on registrability of three-dimensional marks in conflict over rotary shavers - Philips vs Rayovac (formerly Remington) - I ZB 9/04, I ZB12/04, I ZB 13/04)
Reported by Claus M. Eckhartt

6. Federal Supreme Court holds that car designs usually acquire distinctiveness by use as trademarks shortly after introduction of new car model - “Porsche Boxster”- I ZB 33/04)
Reported by Peter J. A. Munzinger

7. Federal Supreme Court on work title protection of computer software – “SmartKey”- I ZR 109/03
Reported by Florian Traub

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September 2006
Rudolf Teschemacher
Senior Consultant
Jochen Pagenberg
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Of Counsel
Alexander von Mühlendahl
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt)
Claus M. Eckhartt
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Partner
Florian Traub