1. “Interpretation of Patents in Europe/Application of Art. 69 EPC” – a new IP book by Dr. Jochen Pagenberg and Prof. William Cornish

Patent Law:

2. Federal Supreme Court on method features in product claims (“Driving mechanism for a Trolley”/“Rangierkatze” – X ZR 14/02)
Reported by Dr. Frank Peterreins

3. Federal Supreme Court on damage claims of the alleged infringer due to unjustified assertion of patent rights (“Detection Device II”/“Detektionsvorrichtung II” – X ZR 72/04)
Reported by Dr. Frank Peterreins

4. Federal Supreme Court decides 16 year long battle on patent infringement – BMW vs. VW (“Automobile Side Mirror”/“Seitenspiegel” – X ZR 76/04)
Reported by Dr. Frank Peterreins

5. Federal Supreme Court on “cherry picking” regarding original disclosure of technical features (“Coke Oven Door”/“Koksofentür” – X ZR 17/02)
Reported by Dr. Frank Peterreins

6. Federal Supreme Court: No destruction claim in case of contributory patent infringement (“Extracoronal Attachment”/“Extrocoronales Geschiebe” – X ZR 79/04)
Reported by Dr. Frank Peterreins

Trademark Law:

7. OHIM changes practice as to “cooling-off period”
Reported by Peter Munzinger

8. European Court of Justice confirms case law on the criteria pertaining to threedimensional marks
Reported by Claus Eckhartt

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May 2006
Jochen Pagenberg
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Of Counsel
Claus M. Eckhartt
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Partner
Prof. William Cornish
Dr. Frank Peterreins