Edited by Jochen Pagenberg and Richard Hacon, 2nd edition,ISBN 9041127453,  Hardcover Kluwer Law International, 2009

“Concise European Patent Law” aims to offer the reader a rapid understanding of all the provisions of patent law in force in Europe that have been enacted at the European and international levels.

This volume takes the form of an article-by-article commentary on the relevant European instruments and international treaties. It is intended to provide the reader with a short and straightforward explanation of the principles of law to be drawn from each provision.

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Editors and authors are prominent specialists (academics and practitioners) in the field of international and European patent law.

1st edition, 2007. 618 pages. Hardback
ISBN 978-9-0411-2434-0   
Kluwer Law International


  • European Patent Convention (EPC)
  • Implementing Regulations to European Patent Convention
  • Protocol on centralisation
  • Protocol on recognition
  • Protocol on privileges and immunities
  • Regulation 1768/92 - Creation of a supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products
  • Regulation 1610/96 - Creation of a supplementary protection certificate for plant protection products 
  • Directive 98/44/EC - Biotech Directive
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
  • Patent Law Treaty (PLT)
  • List of references, Index
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Jochen Pagenberg
Attorney-at-Law (Rechtsanwalt), Of Counsel
Peter K. Hess †
German and European Patent Attorney, Managing Partner
Johannes Lang
German and European Patent Attorney, Co-Managing Partner