The European Patent Lawyers Association (EPLAW), under its President Dr. Jochen Pagenberg, has published a Resolution on the modified text of a Draft Agreement for a Unified Patent Court presented by the EU Presidency on September 2, 2011.

The Unified Patent Court - EPLAW Resolution on the Draft Agreement 13751/11 of September 2, 2011


The European Patent Lawyers Association (EPLAW), comprising lawyers with many years of experience in European patent litigation, has been following closely the preparatory work for and the legal discussions regarding the creation of a European patent court system. With the EPO Academy EPLAW has since 2005 been organizing the Venice Judges Forum, and several of its board members have participated in shaping the texts of the relevant international documents. EPLAW members represent both large multinational corporations in all fields of technology as well as SMEs with very small patent portfolios, more ...