Press release of April 18, 2013

More than 70 attendees showed up to appreciate a classic Milano cocktail reception to be followed by an intensive 75 minutes wrap-up on the “Future of Design Protection”, starring Luisa Bocchietto (President of ADI = Industrial Design Association, Italy), Daniela Mainini (President of CNAC = National Anti-Counterfeiting Council, Italy), Giovanni F. Casucci (BARDEHLE PAGENBERG) and Alexander von Mühlendahl (BARDEHLE PAGENBERG), to be concluded with an exclusive Italian-style buffet. Following some introductory remarks by Johannes Lang (BARDEHLE PAGENBERG), Luisa was to start about explaining the mission of ADI on design protection issues and supporting the enforcement initiatives, in order to highlight the value of the design. Daniela continued to speak on the role of CNAC in strengthening the institutional enforcement of the design, including substantive guidelines for improving design protection in Italy. Alexander decided to touch on the overlap and conflicts of design and trademark rights, providing a splendid overview on these up-to-date and critical issues. Finally, Giovanni delivered a synthesis about the critical pending issues, perfectly mixing both academic and practitioner’s needs and perspectives. 

The speakers’ presentations are available in related Files