Press release of September 19, 2011

In an action lasting several days at this year’s SPOGA Fair in Cologne, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG intervened against numerous imitations of the well-known “RSX” deck chair of Lafuma S.A. In the course of the fair all detected unlawful infringements could be stopped. 13 exhibited imitations were removed from the booths and more than twenty different retailers stopped advertising the imitations in their catalogues.

On the basis of forensic information gathered before the start of the fair in early September 2011, eleven copies could be removed from different booths shortly after the fair’s opening. Legal steps had to be taken against two further exhibitors, and within 24 hours preliminary injunctions were obtained from the Cologne District Court. These were served on the same day onto the fair which led to the removal of the prohibited deck chairs from the exhibition stands.

The success of this action rests in the detailed preparation and the optimized interrelation between investigative activities and the targeted application of legal instruments. For many years BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has been intervening proactively on fairs against manufacturers of copycats and product imitations. Trade fairs offer an opportunity to enforce technical and non-technical intellectual property rights directly on the spot, in particular against companies without residence in Germany – and before their products reach the market.

Dr. Stefan Abel (Attorney-at-Law, Partner),
Pascal Böhner (Attorney-at-Law)