Press release of May 09, 2014

By decision of April 29, 2014 (Case 2 O 98/13), the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany dismissed a patent infringement action filed by the German patent assertion entity Kangtega GmbH against Cisco Systems GmbH.

Kangtega GmbH sued Cisco Systems GmbH in June 2013 before the Mannheim Regional Court for direct and indirect infringement of the German arm of European patent EP 1 464 150 B1. The patent, which had been acquired by Kangtega GmbH from the original patentee, relates to the detection and defense of attacks on server systems and was asserted against security products of CISCO. In response to the complaint, Cisco Systems GmbH had consistently demonstrated that the accused security products do not make use of the teaching of this patent. Following the oral hearing held in March 2014, the Mannheim Regional Court concurred with Cisco Systems GmbH and found that the accused security products do not infringe the patent. The complaint was dismissed and Kangtega GmbH was ordered to bear the costs of the dispute.

The decision is open to appeal. A revocation action brought by Cisco International Limited against the patent is still pending before the German Federal Patent Court.

Representatives Cisco Systems GmbH:
Dr. Christof Karl (German Attorney-at-Law, US Attorney-at-Law, German and European Patent Attorney, Partner)
Johannes Lang (German and European Patent Attorney, Partner)
Tobias Kaufmann (European Patent Attorney)

Contact for Cisco Systems, Inc.:
Kristin Carvell, Manager of Public Relations

Representatives Kangtega GmbH:
Georg Kunze (Attorney-at-Law, Managing Director)
White & Case LLP
Daniel Hoppe-Jänisch (Attorney-at-Law)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Sasse (Patent Attorney)

Mannheim Regional Court (2nd civil chamber):
Mr. Wedler
Ms. Denk
Dr. Henning