Press release of October 1, 2010

The IP law firm Bardehle Pagenberg Dost Altenburg Geissler is shortening its name to BARDEHLE PAGENBERG. "It was our aim to give the firm a short and memorable name", says Managing Partner Johannes Lang, explaining this step, "and the short version of our firm’s name has been used for a long time internally, by our clients and in the media". Besides shortening the firm name, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG will also change its appearance by introducing in a new corporate design that includes a catchy composite mark at the centre of a new design concept.

BARDEHLE PAGENBERG is one of the largest Intellectual Property law firms in Europe with offices in Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris and Barcelona. It offers the combined services of qualified Patent Attorneys and Attorneys-at-Law in one firm. About 70 IP specialists are representing their clients in procuring IP rights and in litigation in all fields of intellectual property, in all procedures before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office in Munich, the European Office for Harmonisation of the Internal Market in Alicante, the German Federal Patent Court and the national courts including all appeal instances.