Integrity, fairness, trust, and transparency are important to us.

For this reason, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has established a new, independent reporting channel as a central point of contact for the confidential reporting of possible miscon­duct, which meets the current requirements of the German legislator (Whistle­ Blower Protection Act).

In particular, you can report the following incidents that you become aware of in the course of your work for or cooperation with BARDEHLE PAGENBERG:

  • Violations of criminal law
  • Violations punishable by fines, namely those that affect the life, health, or rights of employees (e.g., occupational health or safety)
  • Violations of legal norms for the implementation of European regulations (e.g., money laundering, product safety, consumer, environmental, and data protection, security in information technology, tax or antitrust law)
  • Complaints relating to the code of professional conduct

The reporting channel is also to be used if you experience or become aware of cases of harassment or discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orienta­tion, age, religion, disability, or other characteristics protected under the law.

You can send your reports to the following external ombudspersons:

  • Dr. Annette von Stetten, Attorney-at-law, who has many years of expe­rience in white-collar crime and criminal tax law. She continuously ad­vises companies on compliance issues and is entrusted with professional proceedings at the Bar Court.
  • Mr. Andreas von Mariassy, Attorney-at-law, who is a trial lawyer with many years of experience. He is also involved in compliance issues as a member of the board of the Munich Bar Association and as an expert in pro­fessional law.

You can also report your concerns at any time to the Managing Partner. Alterna­tively, you can contact Dr. Henning Hartwig (Compliance Officer), Dr. Anna Giedke (Diversity Officer) or Ulrika Voss (Head of Human Resources).

Download our announcement about the Whistle Blower Protection Act for more details.


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