Sebastian Scherübl

M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering)

Sebastian Scherübl’s practice involves drafting patent applications and supporting the clients during examination proceedings before the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Sebastian Scherübl studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Ulm, Germany. He has a technical background in the field of semiconductor engineering. After graduation, he switched from building laser diodes in the University cleanroom to working in a semiconductor fab building power MOSFETs.

At BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, he specializes in the fields of optoelectronics, semiconductor manufacturing, medical technology and mechanical engineering.

As an engineer from the semiconductor industry I know how to derive effective technical solutions from complex situations. I am excited to contribute my practical expertise and analytical skills to the protection of your intellectual property.

Domaines Juridiques

Patent Prosecution

Sebastian Scherübl is a member of the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI).

2021 - aujourd'hui

Patent Engineer and Trainee Patent Attorney at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG in Munich, Germany

2019 - 2020

Process Integration Engineer, Infineon Technologies, Villach, Austria:
Technical responsibility for front-end semiconductor manufacturing of low voltage trench power MOSFETs

2011 - 2018

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ulm, Germany:
Master Thesis at the Institute for Optoelectronics in the field of laser diodes (VCSELs)

2011 - 2015

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ulm, Germany