Sebastian H.-E. Müller

M.Sc. (Physics), LL.M.

The main activities of Sebastian Müller as a patent attorney relate to patent prosecution and opposition proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office as well as patent infringement proceedings before the German regional courts and parallel nullity proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court. He advises our clients in the field of sporting goods and in various areas of telecommunication technologies. His previous experience in several consultancies further enables him to take economic aspects into account when providing advice to clients.

In addition to his general knowledge in the field of experimental physics, Sebastian Müller has particular expertise in nanotechnology (nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, and nanostructures), semiconductor physics, and materials science.

German and European Patent Attorney, UPC Representative, Senior Associate

Bureau: Munich

Langues: German, English, French

+49 89 928 05-0


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Legal Notices

As a passionate sportsman, I know that winning is the result of a solid strategy, a strong performance, and excellent teamwork. Working for my clients, it’s my top priority to combine these qualities to achieve the best results in the long run.


German Patent Lawyers Bar

German Physical Society (DPG)

German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (Deutsche Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht e.V., GRUR)

Lectures & Seminars

Sebastian Müller regularly gives lectures on patent law for start-ups at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) in Munich.


Registration as a Representative before the UPC


Licensed to practice as a European Patent Attorney

2019 - aujourd'hui

Patent Attorney at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, Munich, Germany


Admitted to the German Bar of Patent Attorneys

2017 - 2018

Patent law training at the Regional Court of Mannheim, Germany, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patent Court

2016 - 2018

Studies of Law for Patent Attorneys at the FernUniversität Hagen, Germany

2015 - 2019

Technology expert and patent attorney trainee at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG in Munich, Germany

2013 - 2014

Student assistant in the area of product development of cryogenic temperature microscopes for a company in the field of nanotechnology in Munich, Germany


Studies abroad at the Universidade Coimbra, Portugal

2012 - 2013

Working student in the area of automotive for an executive consultancy in Munich, Germany


Student consultant in a management strategy consultancy for a Japanese technology group in the semiconductor industry in Munich, Germany

2010 - 2011

Working student in the area of Big Data analytics for a leading provider of retailing loyalty programs in Munich, Germany

2008 - 2015

Degree in Physics (M.Sc., B.Sc.) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany