Wolfgang J. Flasche

Dr. rer. nat. Dipl. Chem

Wolfgang Flasche’s practice involves patent prosecution and litigation in the fields of biotechnology, biology, medicine, and chemistry. His background is based on many years of experience gained while leading the patent group at Immatics Biotechnologies in Munich, Tübingen, and Houston (Texas).

He has considerable expertise in developing IP strategies that focus on risk management on the one hand and expansion and scaling opportunities for patent applicants and innovators on the other. In this area, he has built and developed the portfolio of Immatics Biotechnologies in various technology areas over more than 16 years.

In recent years, Wolfgang Flasche has been able to contribute to several licensing and partnership agreements with large pharmaceutical companies worth hundreds of millions of euros.

His commercial focus contributed to successful due diligences and the equally successful IPO of Immatics NV at NASDAQ.

Wolfgang Flasche also focuses on extensive FTO research and analyses.

He is an expert in building long-term strategies to protect a company's underlying technology. He has also been able to win several complex patentability (35 U.S. Code §101) cases at the PTAB (see, e.g., Immatics biotechnologies GmbH, 14531472 - (D) (P.T.A.B. Sep. 21, 2020) and Immatics biotechnologies GmbH, 15226098 - (D) (P.T.A.B. Oct. 27, 2020)). Wolfgang has authored 6 scientific papers, two papers on intellectual property and is the co-inventor of a patent application based on his PhD thesis.

European Patent Attorney, Senior Associate

Bureau: Munich

Langues: German, English, Russian

+49 89 928 05-0


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Legal Notices

Innovative drugs help people to maintain their health. Protecting, strengthening, and defending them is the intrinsic drive for my commitment!


The USPTO Guidance in response to Myriad runs counter to Supreme Court precedent and the TRIPS Agreement

Chester G. Moore, Susan McBee, Wolfgang Flasche, February 2015

Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 10(2):115-126

Intellectual Property Issues May 2012

Therapeutics, Vaccines and Molecular Diagnostics

Series: SpringerBriefs in Biotech Patents

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Lipid-Anchored Oligonucleotides for Stable Double Helix Formation in Distinct Membrane Domains

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Design and Application of Lipophilic Nucleosides as Building Blocks to Obtain Highly Functional Biological Surfaces
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Lipophilic Nucleosides by Sonogashira Coupling
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Chemie studieren in Moskau Wolfgang Flasche, GIT, 2000, 44, 05, 663


Wolfgang Flasche is a member of LESI, GRUR, VPP, and the IPO Pharma & Biotech Committee.

2023 - aujourd'hui

European Patent Attorney at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, Munich, Germany

2022 - 2023

Senior Director & Head of IP Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH, Munich and Tübingen Germany and Houston Texas, USA

2020 - 2022

Director & Head of IP Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH, Munich and Tübingen Germany and Houston Texas, USA

2019 - 2020

St. Gallen Business School Leadership Programm


Licensed to practice as a European Patent Attorney

2009 - 2020

Director IP Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH, Munich and Tübingen Germany and since 2015 Houston Texas, USA

2007 - 2009

Manager IP Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH, Munich and Tübingen, Germany

2006 - 2007

Manager IP, 4SC AG, Munich, Germany

2005 - 2006

Manager IP Bayer Material Science, Leverkusen, Germany

2002 - 2006

Ph. D. in bioorganic Chemistry, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany (Magna cum Laude)

1996 - 2002

Diploma in Chemistry Philipps University Marburg, Germany and MGU Moscow National Lomonossow University, Moscow (Russia)