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IP considerations for companies in the ICT sector

IP considerations for companies in the ICT sector

The Spanish Chapter of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, in collaboration with BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, offered a first session dealing with different aspects of Intellectual Property, in particular applied to the sector of Information and Communication Technologies.

Participants were welcome to send particular doubts and queries beforehand to direct the presentation to particular needs of the audience.

Attendee’s comment: Joanne Longton, IET Barcelona Local Network

On the 29th of April 2014, the IET Barcelona local network, together with Bardehle Pagenberg, organised a seminar on Intellectual Property in the ICT sector. Our host and fellow IET member Dario Mohammadian gave us a warm welcome and after presentations we were introduced and given an overview on the field of IP and patents in the ICT sector. Given the vastness of the topic, we were exposed to the essence of the different types of IP, when each of them should be preferred with respect to the others while also explaining why it is important to protect novel technology endeavours. Being able to testify that a company is the owner of a core technology asset can mean a very effective defence against other competitors trying to use it illicitly and can mean the possibility to survive in case of entering a new market with established players. Not only should the most economically viable and technologically feasible ideas be patented, but also those that were parked for the moment due to the immaturity of the implementation means because, very often, science makes big strides and in a few years a patent can be very valuable. IP rights have a great value as a business tool to aid in the growth of small start-ups to big multinationals in promoting and exporting their products and services worldwide. All in all, it was an excellent way to understand how the European law grants the right to own technology assets which solves a problem or improves it in a novel way.


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IP considerations for companies in the ICT sector

Darío Mohammadian Santander (European Patent Attorney, Resident Partner)