BARDEHLE PAGENBERG IP Know How 2015 "Patent Big Data Analysis"

Patent mapping and rating

Patent mapping and rating: How large-scale IP analytical and visualization studies are renewing strategic intelligence.


Our IP Know How event is quite unique as the experts in the field are usually not willing to disclose their know-how in order to keep a strong competitive advantage.

Starting at 4 pm

Our talk will be supplemented by a reception at the BARDEHLE PAGENBERG Lounge and at our beautiful terrace with a great overview of Munich.


The search for prior art in patent databases is a necessary yet difficult task for all firms and PROs engaged in R&D activities. During the last decades, the growing volume of patents has made this task even more challenging. At the same time, the transition towards the open innovation paradigm was further reinforcing innovators’ needs for strategic intelligence about their rivals and potential partners’ R&D activities. These evolutions put traditional methods for analyzing patent information under strong pressure: the human resources and time they require are hardly compatible with the ever-increasing amount of information to be processed.

Against this background, new methodologies enabling the statistical exploitation of patent data on a very large scale offer increasingly relevant solutions, thereby paving the way for a deep renewal of the way in which firms elaborate their R&D strategies. Such innovative instruments can produce critical strategic intelligence by enabling the visualization and quality assessment of entire patent portfolios at both the macro (country, sector) and micro (firm) levels.

Besides searching for prior art, they make it possible to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of any firm’s IP portfolio, anticipate rivals’ strategic R&D orientations, and identify infringers or potential partners for technology transfers. Accordingly, they confer significant strategic advantages to the few actors who already know how to use them.

Dr. Frédéric Caillaud, our guest speaker, has got an extensive expertise in IP Mapping and IP rating. He has recently joined INPI in order to further develop and spread the tools that are necessary to make the IP strategy of the companies and the quality of their innovations almost transparent. He intends to explain the process, to show several applications, and discuss with you the threats that the CEOs and IP Directors will have soon to manage.   

If you have any questions about this seminar do not hesitate to call Gabriela Tröger: +49 (0)89 928 05-136.  


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 Frédéric Caillaud

Frédéric Caillaud

Frédéric Caillaud joined INPI (French Patent Office) on April 2015 as Director of Innovation in charge of developing IP awareness, IP landscaping and IP rating. Prior to joining INPI, he was Director of the Licensing and Business Development Department at L’Oréal for 20 years, Licensing and Business Development Director at Fournier Pharma for 7 years and Director of a Genetic engineering Dpt for Rhône-Poulenc Pharma (4 years).

Frédéric Caillaud is a Medical doctor and received a Ph. D. in Genetic engineering from the Pasteur Institute of Paris. He is a postgraduate in Strategic Management from HEC School of Management and is one of the first certified licensing professional (CLP).

He is regularly giving lectures and courses (115 until now) related to licensing matters, Open innovation, IP strategic management, patent analytics and rating systems in Europe, USA and Japan. He has created a Licensing course dedicated to Licensing Executives 7 years ago which is a great success. He is an advisor to several French and European policy makers and is one of the founder of EuKTS (not for profit association in charge of accrediting Tech Transfer trainers and certifying TT professionals).