»There is a reason for our success: It’s that we get to the bottom of things. Only if you have really understood a matter will you be able to explain it. Getting there is not always easy, given that we usually start with a highly complex technical issue.

However, we have our very own technical and legal experts. They help us argue bi-lingually, so to speak. Before the technical judges “we speak technology” – without any filters, but still in complete sentences. Before the legal judges, however, we use analogies that reduce the complexity to the core of the matter for all parties involved. These translations are easy to grasp while correct enough in technical terms such that they cannot be attacked.

To achieve this, we familiarize ourselves with the subject matter; the more we learn the ropes of the matter, the easier and more elaborate the translation.

In order to convince the judges as well, we perfect it again and again, asking: Is this story true? Or is there a catch? It is similar to applying varnish: First, we sand the surface. Then, we apply the first coat of varnish. Sanding. Varnishing, and so on, until we finally polish it. So that we can represent your interests as brilliantly as possible.«

Dr. Philipe Kutschke