Blockchain, Anti-counterfeiting and Digital IP Rights Enforcement

Owners of IP rights and all companies active in the international trade, need to set up a suitable, efficient and cost-effective strategy and find solutions to fight against these phenomena of illicit trade.


The trade of illicit goods, from counterfeits to parallel imports and grey markets, forced or child labor, environmental crimes and smuggling, continues to cause significant concerns not only for the general public, as it jeopardizes consumer safety and health, but also for owners of IP rights.

The legal framework for fighting counterfeits is well-established. However, the phenomenon of counterfeiting and illegal trade in general appears to be far from being brought under control. The growth of e-commerce has amplified online brand infringement on platforms, domain names, app stores, filesharing sites as well as on social media. Other aspects of illicit trade, such as forced or child labor, environmental crimes and smuggling are even more difficult to control.

Therefore, owners of IP rights and all companies active in the international trade, need to set up a suitable, efficient and cost-effective strategy and find solutions to fight against these phenomena of illicit trade; and we think that they can! Join our IP event and meet other in-house IP professionals to discuss how to effectively fight illicit trade by using state of the art technology and knowledge.


We recorded our seminar for you. Feel free to watch and share:

<link _blank>Welcome Address | Introduction: Pascal Böhner, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG</link>

<link _blank>

Blockchain & Illicit trade: Matthieu Hug, CEO @ Tilkal</link>

<link _blank>

Digital IP Rights | From status to toolbox: Martin Küchenthal, LEMARIT</link>


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We are happy to share the held presentations with you. Feel free to download the slides here:

 Matthieu Hug

Matthieu Hug

Founder and CEO of Tilkal
(<link https: in matthieuhug _blank>LinkedIn profile)

 Martin Küchenthal

Martin Küchenthal

LEMARIT GmbH, Member of the board of DENIC eG
(<link https: in martin-kuechenthal-ab2a2a19 _blank>LinkedIn profile)

Use of Blockchain against counterfeiting and illicit trade

Could new technologies in the area of traceability, and specifically blockchain technology, provide an effective response to the «scourge» of counterfeiting and illicit trade?

Matthieu Hug, Founder and CEO of Tilkal, a platform for transparency and end-to-end traceability using blockchain technology, will join us to address the following questions: 

  • What is blockchain technology?
  • What guarantees of authenticity and origin can it provide?
  • What applications in terms of product traceability but also transparency, both in the virtual world of e-commerce and in traditional distribution channels, are there?

Digital IP Rights Enforcement 

Owners of IP Rights need to set up their digital strategies in new structures in order to detect, monitor, evaluate, weigh and fight infringement of IP Rights online. Tailor-made solutions with respect to the companies’ market, its values, but also the possible acts of infringement, need to be implemented.

Martin Küchenthal is the co-founder and CEO of LEMARIT GmbH, an ICANN accredited registrar and specialist in digital brand protection since 2002, and also is a member of the executive board of DENIC eG (the .de registry). He specializes in business domains and digital brand protection. Martin will address the following topics:

  • What risks are owners of IP Rights facing online?
  • How can infringements be detected, analyzed and evaluated?
  • Is there a tool-box to fight infringements online?

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Welcome Address | Introduction
(Pascal Böhner)


SESSION 1: Blockchain and Anti-Counterfeiting
(Matthieu Hug)




SESSION 2: Digital IP Rights Enforcement
(Martin Küchenthal)


Networking drinks on the rooftop terrace and at the lounge area