BARDEHLE PAGENBERG continues to grow as new attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys join their strong team

Press release dated April 16, 2024

The growth trend at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG steadily continues. The joint legal and technical team has been reinforced with additional attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys at all German offices.

“Especially in the current phase, in which we handle 25% of all cases filed in Europe before the newly established Unified Patent Court (UPC), thus confirming our pioneering role in the IP business on this front as well, we are extremely pleased that our new team members will help us to grow continuously and to expand our strengths in strategically important areas”, emphasizes Johannes Lang, Managing Partner of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG.

Saskia Mertsching is an attorney-at-law joining from the patent and law firm Eisenführ Speiser, where she was involved in patent litigation in the fields of computer technology and mechanics. She is “looking forward to working with the team, which operates at the highest professional level and has already firmly established itself for the representation of national and international clients before the UPC”.

Attorney-at-law Ann-Christine Hug joins from the law firm Preu Bohlig & Partner, where her work included patent infringement proceedings in the pharmaceutical sector. She is also especially excited “to be part of the BARDEHLE PAGENBERG team in the initial phase of the UPC, which has convinced [her] both professionally and personally from the very first moment”.

Sabrina Smyczek, a patent attorney specializing in medical physics and technology, comes from the major international law firm Hogan Lovells to contribute her technical expertise to BARDEHLE PAGENBERG and is looking forward to the intensive work in the mixed teams.

Antje Weise, a graduate in commercial law, is delighted with her professional prospects: “BARDEHLE PAGENBERG is not only one of the leading IP law firms, but also plays a key role in shaping the development of the UPC. I am excited to be able to contribute my passion for technology and law to a broad-based, competent team and to grow in my new role as an attorney.”

Dr. Saskia Amelia Jülich, a qualified civil engineer, has decided to join BARDEHLE PAGENBERG after 16 years as an examiner at the European Patent Office, and is particularly looking forward to working directly with clients.

Saskia Mertsching, LL.M. (Oslo)
Attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwältin), Senior Associate, Munich office

Saskia Mertsching has professional experience in intellectual property law and patent litigation from her work as an attorney at the mixed patent and law firms Eisenführ Speiser and Grünecker.

Her main areas of practice as an attorney include representing clients in national and cross-border patent infringement proceedings and assisting clients in parallel validity proceedings, including before the UPC. Saskia Mertsching is particularly involved in the fields of software, IT, computer technology, and electrical engineering. In addition, she advises on the drafting and negotiation of license agreements and the associated legal issues.

Ann-Christine Hug, LL.M. (GWU)
Attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwältin), Hamburg Office

Ann-Christine Hug has experience in patent litigation from her previous work at Preu Bohlig & Partner, where her work included patent infringement proceedings. 

One of her main areas of practice is the representation of national and international clients in patent infringement and parallel validity proceedings, in particular advising patent pools and proprietors of standard essential patents in complex patent infringement proceedings, the associated antitrust issues, and enforcement proceedings.

Ann-Christine Hug has specific knowledge in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors.

Sabrina Smyczek
Patent attorney, European Patent Attorney, Senior Associate, Düsseldorf office

Sabrina Smyczek is a patent attorney with a technical background in physics. She has several years of experience in patent law, in particular in patent litigation, which she gained at the international law firm Hogan Lovells in numerous patent disputes with cross-border issues. 

Her practice focuses on representing national and international clients in patent infringement and validity proceedings before national courts, the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, and the Unified Patent Court. She is also responsible for patent applications. 

Sabrina Smyczek has extensive expertise, particularly in the fields of telecommunications technology and medical technology.

Antje Weise, LL.M.
Attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwältin), Munich Office

Antje Weise studied at the University of Halle-Wittenberg, where at the same time she also completed her LL.M. in commercial law with an individual focus on intellectual property and IT law. 

As part of her legal clerkship, she worked for two renowned major international law firms. This allowed her to deepen her experience in intellectual property law at Hogan Lovells in Hamburg and in IT law at Osborne Clarke in Munich.

Dr. Saskia Amelia Jülich
Patent Engineer, Senior Associate, Hamburg Office

Dr. Saskia Jülich worked at the European Patent Office as an examiner in grant and opposition proceedings in various fields of mechanics, ranging from windows and wind turbines to medical technology. She was also involved in the Office’s internal department for education and training. As a result, she has an excellent knowledge of the internal processes of the European Patent Office, in addition to several years of professional experience in patent law in the fields of construction technology and medical technology.

Having completed her doctorate at a French “Grande École”, she also has extensive academic and scientific knowledge which, together with her exceptional intercultural skills, qualify her for activities in a wide range of technical fields and with a variety of clients.


For further information on the international team of attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, please visit our team overview.