Physics has always been a field in which fundamental scientific progress and technological innovation are closely linked. Semiconductors have been known and studied since the early 19th century but it was the meticulous progress in fundamental physics that led to the development of the transistor in 1948 (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1956; First US patents granted in 1950 and 1951), that heralded an unprecedented revolution in electronics. When Einstein introduced the concept of stimulated emission in 1917 it was long regarded as a purely theoretical concept until, in 1958, the laser, without which modern communication and many modern industrial processes would be unthinkable, was invented based on this concept (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1964; First US patent granted in 1960).

Our patent attorneys protect your innovations in all areas of physics, regardless of whether your invention concerns the fundamentals of a new technology or the continuing development of existing technologies. We have extensive experience in drafting patent applications, but also in defending and enforcing intellectual property rights. There are many physicists among our patent attorneys, most of which have several years of experience in fundamental or applied research. Our counsel covers all field of physics including, for instance, optics, thermodynamics, acoustics, and semiconductor devices.

In drafting patent applications, we put great emphasis on protecting your innovation to the broadest possible extent with an enforceable patent, so that each patent forms a valuable asset in your portfolio even in case of continuing future developments. Prior to drafting a patent application, we are glad to assist you with a search for prior art in order to estimate the likelihood of a successful grant and to better direct the patent application in view of the prior art. We will also support you in enforcing your intellectual property rights and strategic business goals. Together with our attorneys at law, we use our technical and scientific know-how to make a convincing case, even for complex technologies, to judges without a technical background.

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