A feast for the eyes: delicious snacks and foods as well as vitalizing refreshments need to be packaged attractively. With the multitude of offers and with consumers having very little time to choose, innovative product design and marketing that retains the brand essence is crucial. Thus, on the one hand, it is important to choose the right combination from the diverse range of protective rights. On the other hand, it is specifically in the field of advertising where small mistakes can lead to major legal und publicity issues. At the same, competitors’ advertising campaigns need to be monitored. Three-dimensional trademarks and designs can be a productive way of rounding off any classic trademark portfolio. When advertising products, food law and unfair competition law are particularly to be observed.

Our professionals have been winning landmark cases in this industry for our clients for many years. We owe our success to our attorneys’ particular expertise and vast experience in prosecuting, managing and enforcing IP portfolios as well as in clearing advertising material for potential breach of unfair competition law.

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