»Competence is decisive. That is why we have decided to provide the best conditions. This is what makes us stand out as a firm operated by its owners. We determine our philosophy instead of having it established by a remote management.

This discretion involves a crucial component: We always want to have the best possible team at the starting line-up. This may sound like a matter of course - but this is actually quite exceptional. 

In many firms, there are fixed groups. Each partner has their team with whom they handle everything. Irrespective of the case and issue. In contrast, we always try and find the best line-up possible for each individual case. By flexibly pooling young lawyers and attorneys based on fields of expertise. This sustains excitement and guarantees the high level of our work.

In return, our young team members are dedicated and loyal. This maintains the competence we have built up in-house in the long term – and indeed on all levels of the hierarchy.

For you, this means always working with exactly the right team of experts to achieve your goals in the particular case.«

Johannes Heselberger