»For more than 40 years, patent attorneys and lawyers have been cooperating within our firm. Now, they have even come to like each other. Our success shows that the two perspectives can perfectly complement each other.

We pass the ball back and forwards between each other to ensure that no technical or legal arguments are overlooked. Our relationship is built on trust. This not only makes our work easier and more efficient, but also benefits our clients.

Just imagine what would happen if two firms – with patent attorneys at one firm and lawyers at the other – were working on the same case. They each have their own ways of doing things and they each want to prove themselves - to each other and their clients.

We, however, work side by side, speak the same language and work well as a team. We want the best result, regardless of which discipline plays the main role in any given case.«

Prof. Dr. Tilman Müller-Stoy