Patent Law

1. German Federal Supreme Court: Confirmation of the Court’s strict stance on Supplementary Protective Certificates (Decision of October 14, 2008 – Case X ZB 4/08 – Doxorubicinsulfate)
Reported by Markus Coehn

2. German Federal Supreme Court: Landmark decision as first step in harmonizing the German position on disclosure and novelty with the EPO (Decision of December 16, 2008– Case X ZR 89/07 – Olanzapin)
Reported by Dr. Wolfgang Bublak and Markus Coehn

3. German Federal Patent Court on the admissibility of a nullity action while a further nullity procedure is still pending on appeal with the German Federal Supreme Court (Decision of February 13, 2008 – Case 4 Ni 58/06 (EU) – Crash sensor)
Reported by Dr. Tilman Müller-Stoy

4. European Patent Office: Postponement of oral proceedings (Notice from the EPO dated December 18, 2008 and Technical Board of Appeal 3.5.01, decision of May 28, 2008 – Case T 1102/03 – Online trading system/CITYBANK)
Reported by Dr. Rudolf Teschemacher

5. Dusseldorf Appeal Court on the requirements for a stay of patent infringement proceedings in case of a parallel opposition or nullity action based on public prior use (Decision of September 11, 2008 – Case 2 U 10/07 – Stay of patent infringement proceedings)
Reported by Jörg Wahl

Trademark Law

6. European Court of Justice on inherent and acquired distinctiveness (Order of October 18, 2008 – Case C-513/07 P – AGC Flat Glass Europe SA v OHIM)
Reported by Dr. Alexander von Mühlendahl

7. European Court of Justice: Proof of reputation and damage to reputation (Judgment of December 12, 2008 – Case C-197/07 P – Aktieselskabet af 21. November 2001 v OHIM – TDK KK)
Reported by Dr. Alexander von Mühlendahl

8. European Court of Justice: Likelihood of confusion – “Obelix” v “Mobilix” (Judgment of December 18, 2008 – Case C-16/06 P – Les Éditions Albert René Sàrl v OHIM)
Reported by Dr. Alexander von Mühlendahl

9. European Court of Justice: Use of a mark for goods offered “free” with the purchase of unrelated goods (Judgment of January 15, 2009 – Case C-495/07 – Silberquelle GmbH v Maselli-Strickmode GmbH)
Reported by Dr. Alexander von Mühlendahl

10. German Federal Supreme Court decides on “Adwordising” (Decisions of January 22, 2009 Cases I ZR 125/07 – bananabay; I ZR 139/07 – PCB-POOL and I ZR 30/07 – Beta Layout GmbH)
Reported by Philipe Kutschke

11. German Federal Supreme Court: No likelihood of confusion in case of METRO v METROBUS (Decisions of February 5, 2009 – Case I ZR 167/06 – HVV Metrobus; I ZR 174/06 –BVG Metrobus; I ZR 186/06 – MVG Metrobus)
Reported by Verena Wintergerst, LL.M.

12. Cologne Appeal Court again denies infringement of rights conferred by a 3-D trademark registered for the shape of a cracker (Decision of December 12, 2008 – Case 6 U 143/04 – TUC)
Reported by Philipe Kutschke

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März 2009
Prof. Dr. Tilman Müller-Stoy
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz, Wirtschaftsmediator (MuCDR), Partner
Dr. Philipe Kutschke
Rechtsanwalt, Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz, Wirtschaftsmediator (MuCDR), Partner
Markus Coehn
Jörg Wahl
Verena Wintergerst, LL.M.