“Fighting with the gloves off” — while this saying has its roots in sports, it is often also true for the sportswear industry. The aggressive competition between companies requires high precision and strategic anticipation of the prosecution and enforcement of protective rights. At the same time, the traditionally short and ever tighter innovation cycles demand fast action, so instinct and a thorough background knowledge of current lifestyle and fashion developments are indispensable. In view of international production and distribution chains, a cross-national assessment is also necessary.

The energetic nature of the industry is reflected in the dynamic development of the sector-specific law, particularly in the area of patents, designs and trademarks. Our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law know how important sound and up-to-date knowledge of German and European law and an understanding for important non-European markets (such as the USA) are. In addition, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG draws on many years of experience in prosecuting and enforcing protective rights in this industry, with our attorneys being inspired by their personal passion for sport and fashion.

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