Our attorneys have the benefit of years of patent law experience in the sectors of chemistry, pharma and life sciences. Firstly, we have a strong technical background based on our own scientific education and former experience in research and, secondly, with our vast experience in patent infringement proceedings, we are able to ensure the best possible protection for inventions during patent prosecution. Each technical sector has its own peculiarities and challenges.

In Chemistry, the right approach for defining an invention is often particularly important. For example, where a novel compound can be described with a chemical formula, the patent claims should also comprise other possible structural variants of the compound. If a precise structural definition is not feasible, e.g. for novel polymers, we find alternative solutions to describe and claim such compounds in order to obtain an appropriate scope of protection. Such alternative solutions may be a definition based on specific features of the product itself or features of its production process (product-by-process definition).

In the Pharma sector, our work focuses on the protection of novel pharmaceuticals and developments in the field of galenics for known active pharmaceutical ingredients. Moreover, our experts have many years’ experience in protecting novel medical uses. BARDEHLE PAGENBERG’s attorneys have particular expertise in the field of supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), in both prosecution and infringement proceedings.

Inventions in the field of Life Sciences require a profound understanding and particular expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and immunology, as well as extensive knowledge of dynamic jurisprudence in various countries (Germany, Europe and worldwide, including the US). Biotechnological innovations relating to genes and proteins pose a particular challenge when it comes to drafting patent applications, particularly with respect to the legal requirements of sufficiency of disclosure. Our experts can support you in effectively meeting these requirements.

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