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Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf on the relevance of patent infringement in tender proceedings (decision of December 1, 2015 – Case VII-Verg 20/15)

Reported by Dr. Tilman Müller-Stoy and Dr. Dominik Woll  Bidders in tender proceedings lack the necessary personal suitability if offering their tendered products would constitute patent infringement, thus making it...more

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Chinese customs IP statistics 2014

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German Federal Supreme Court: Proof of acquired distinctiveness – Requirement of “use as a trademark” – Defining the product category and subject matter for opinion surveys (decision of July 9, 2015 – Case I ZB 65/13 – Nivea-Blau/Nivea Blue)

Reported by Prof. Dr. Alexander von Mühlendahl The German company Beiersdorf AG is proprietor of the German trademark No 305 71 072, registered in 2007 on the basis of acquired distinctiveness, consisting of a single colour,...more

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Munich I District Court on the interpretation and scope of negative patent licenses (decision of January 8, 2015 – Case 7 O 28263/13)

Reported by Nadine Heiartz The negative license (or “freedom to operate” license) may generally be considered as either the granting of a positive right to use the patented invention or a “pactum de non petendo”. Which of these...more

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Court of Justice of the European Union on the FRAND defense in the Huawei v ZTE case (decision of July 16, 2015 - Case C-170/13)

Reported by Tilman Müller-Stoy On July 16, 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union (Court) handed down its long awaited decision on the competition law implications of asserting Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs). With...more

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