Cultural Funding

Theatre and the law. How does that fit together? The connection becomes manifest in the copyright protection of the creativity which happens at the theatre. Creativity is the common key. Creativity that needs to be supported, released, and protected. In this framework, there exists since 2011 a co-operation between BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, a law firm specializing in protection of Intellectual Property, residing at Prinzregentenplatz, and the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding at Prinzregententheater. By way of this cooperation, on the one hand, individual artists are directly sponsored by BARDEHLE PAGENBERG and programmes of the theatre are supported with advertising, while on the other hand, artists and ensembles of the Theaterakademie are performing at internal and external events of the firm. The artists' performances have excited the viewers, have abducted them from the world of law into the world of music; they had been taken away and brought back into the modernised white cube situated vis-à-vis the time-honoured Jugendstil building. However, it is not only the geographical proximity by which artists and lawyers are brought closer to each other. Isn’t it the contrasts or their clichés that may exercise the strongest attraction? How the art of the theatre and intellectual property overlap and inspire each other is an extremely interesting experiment for which we are invited at every instance of this cooperation.

Christmas Sponsorship 2015

The award "BARDEHLE PAGENBERG Förderpreis" supports young musicians and music groups, also by staging performances at festivities of the firm. 

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