• German news magazine FOCUS nominates BARDEHLE PAGENBERG as one of the top corporate law firms for patent, trademark and design law

    The German news magazine FOCUS listed BARDEHLE PAGENBERG as one of the top corporate law firms in the categories patent, trademark and design law in its special October/November issue with the title “Germany’s top lawyers”. ... more

  • BARDEHLE PAGENBERG strikes another time for the LAMBRETTA trademark

    On June 19, 2014, the Milan District Court issued an order (Case 3820/2014), confirming infringement of the well-known LAMBRETTA trademark. Claims for trademark infringement had been asserted, on behalf of the LAMBRETTA Consortium, by BARDEHLE PAGENBERG ... more

  • BARDEHLE PAGENBERG: Successful for Italian shoe brand STRATEGIA against look-alikes

    Italian fashion companies need legal protection against frequent cases of design infringement. One clear example is STRATEGIA Srl, an Italian shoe manufacturer based in Civitanova Marche, which develops many different designs of shoes every year for its spring/summer and autumn/winter collection. ... more

  • EPO’s European Inventor Award 2014 goes to Chuck Hull, founder of 3D Systems, Inc., represented by BARDEHLE PAGENBERG

    This year’s winner of the EPO’s “European Inventor Award 2014” in the category “Non-European countries” is Charles W. “Chuck” Hull, inventor, patent-holder of the first stereolithography rapid prototyping system and founder of market leader 3D Systems, Inc., founded in 1986 in Valencia, California. ... more

  • OHIM’s Invalidity Division: BARDEHLE PAGENBERG victorious in 13 parallel Community design invalidity proceedings

    BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has been successful before the Invalidity Division of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante, Spain, in challenging validity of 13 registered Community designs (RCD) in a series of parallel Community design invalidity proceedings (Cases ICD 9050 – 9062). ... more

Professional capacities

BARDEHLE PAGENBERG is one of the largest Intellectual Property law firms in Europe. We support our clients with the procurement of IP rights as well as representing them in litigation in all fields of Intellectual Property Law.

The firm specializes in application proceedings as well as in infringement and validity litigation in patents, trademarks and designs.

The attorneys of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG have many years of experience in protecting and defending a wide variety of inventions.