An effective and extensive protection of innovation is a precondition and guarantee for sustaining the distinct innovative strength of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany and Europe. R&D of medicinal products should therefore be accompanied from the start on by qualified and target-oriented analysis and advice with regard to the respective intellectual property rights.

All members of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG’s specialist practice group have a sound scientific background and long-standing experience of serving companies in the pharma sector. As to the prosecution of pharmaceutical patents, the focus rests on the protection of products for use in surgical and therapeutic processes, or for the further development of pharmaceutical formulations, and in providing extensive legal safeguarding for newly developed medicinal indications for existing drugs.

Another focus is our expertise in Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs). Since the development of medicinal products is being ever more delayed by scientific and regulatory requirements, many drugs are reaching their peak of financial turnover only towards the end of their patent life. By prolonging the lifetime of pharmaceutical patents, SPCs are opening possibilities to regain substantial R&D investments.

When it comes to successfully defending and enforcing the pharmaceutical IP rights of the firm’s clients before the courts, our patent attorneys cooperate in well-experienced teams with the firm’s attorneys-at-law.

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