Computer Technology

Computer technology and intellectual property are closely related. Hardware and software must be protected by patents to defend the technical concepts underlying the ever-increasing costs for investments in research and product development. Prosecuting and litigating patents in this field requires not only a clear understand-ing of the technologies involved, but also an in-depth knowledge of the unique aspects of German and European patent law in this field.

Legal concepts such as the requirement of a "technical contribution" of a software-related invention are important, since they are – in contrast to US practice – regularly applied by the German and the European Patent Offices to assess the patentability of an invention.

In addition to daily practice, we closely follow the current developments of European and German patent law in this field, such as the rejection of the proposed EU Directive on computer-implemented inventions or the recent changes in the German case law facilitating the obtaining of evidence when litigating technically complex patents.

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