“Intellectual Property” is among a company’s most valuable assets. Once a company has secured legal protection for its “intangible assets”, it can exploit them economically, for example by way of strategic licensing, which can become a decisive factor for economic success. While today there is more IP licensing business than ever before, such transactions become increasingly global and complicated, and the underlying technologies are more and more complex. Therefore, licensing of IP must be implemented carefully and professionally.

If a new business is started, or if an existing business wants to expand and improve the quality of its goods or services, the licensing of IP rights such as patents, trademarks or copyrights is an effective tool to improve the company’s market position. Commercial agreements that focus on the exploitation of IP rights may include multiple forms of licensing, distribution, sponsorship, franchising, co-marketing, R&D, and technology transfer agreements. The related agreements should therefore be sensibly adjusted to the respective business model.

BARDEHLE PAGENBERG attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating, reviewing and drafting such agreements, particularly as regards the development and licensing of IP and related technology-based services.

“License Agreements”, a German-English collection of annotated sample contracts under European and German Law, was written by leading experts of the firm. The book is published in its 6th edition and was translated into many languages, including Korean and Chinese.