Family and career

At BARDEHLE PAGENBERG family and working life can be reconciled easily. One of our employees tells us what she experienced in our firm regarding maternity and parental leave as well as flexible part-time.

Practical example

Tanja Askar, Paralegal (to Patent Attorneys), about her experiences with maternity and parental leave as well as flexible part-time at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG

“In March 2000, I started working at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG as a Paralegal (to Patent Attorneys); at the beginning it was a part-time position, after I successfully completed my additional training to become a foreign language correspondence clerk I started working full-time.

In the subsequent years I got to learn a lot and had the opportunity of acquiring and developing competences in a dynamic team of Paralegals (to Patent Attorneys). By doing so I had a lot of fun!

In February 2013, I took maternity leave and, subsequently, parental leave. The experience of the human resources department inured to the benefit of me, since they advised me on the legal aspect of this topic and accompanied me through the process.

It was very simple for me to re-enter working life after a year because the Partner who is responsible for me showed a great amount of cooperation concerning my taking on of a part-time position. After the situation regarding day care proved to be difficult in Munich I experienced even more support, since I was allowed to organize the part-time position in a very flexible way. As a working mom it really is a great facilitation to have such an accommodating employer.”