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Kluwer EU Patent Cases

Summaries of German court decisions in online data base of court decisions from various European countries; ed. Brinkhof, the Netherlands, Kluwer Law, launched March 2008

Infringement of IP rights by goods in transit

Patent World, November 2006

Reaching out - Damages for 'endangering' of patents?

New German case law on contributory patent infringement. Patent World, July/August 2006

Why torpedos have backfired

MIP July/August 2003

Designs can usher in trademarks

MIP, October 2002, p. 23

Great prospects for designers

MIP, July/August 2002, p. 21

The limits of numerical patent claims

MIP, Patent Yearbook 2002, p. 21

Numerical data in patent claims clarified

MIP IP Litigation Yearbook 2002, p. 8

Patent Infringement by Repairs and Spares

Patent World September 2001, p. 29

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